# 51 Lock down and admin hell

The last month has been a dissertation lock down. At the expense of weekends, emails to friends and loved ones and at least half of my social life I have finished my degree dissertation with a week to spare. This feels victorious. It’s a really annoying pain in my backside dealt with and the one thing that was holding back the rest of my work.

Yesterday (the day I finished) I had switched off my phone in the morning, Twitter and Facebook were banned and I just got on with my final edits and referencing. By the time I’d finished at 7.30pm (yes I am a perfectionist) I had a stream of missed calls and texts piling up on my phone and updates all over the place. I just couldn’t deal with it. So I poured myself a Baileys, ran a hot bath and forgot all about it.

I hope the contents are as impressive as the title page makes it seem! 

Now that dissertation is done I have to catch up with a huge admin back log. I have well over 100 personal and client emails to deal with on several business and personal accounts, a huge amount of client manufacture work to catch up on and I still have to get back to my final collection for my degree.  I have two independent collections to finish with D-Days at the end of March. So there is no time to be complacent.

I have made a point of keeping March relatively free and then I can deal with everything on a priority by deadline basis. It’s the only way, divide up everything into chunks and deal with it one bite at a time – it was what I was saying the other week about all your courses turning up at dinner at once.

Deal with one at a time and it’s far more palatable.


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All you need to know about me is on my posts. Right now, things are quiet. I'm trying to get back into blogging. Time - where is all the time!!!!

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