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# 79 Wheels

Okay, so this pretty awesome thing happened on Wednesday which also happened to be my birthday. I picked up a brand new car from a showroom in Lincoln.

I have always owned a car since I passed my test in 1995. It has been my lifeline – the knowledge that, even if I didn’t, I could get in my car and drive wherever I wanted. When I went to Uni I gave it up and sold my fabulous Toyota Carina. I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford to run it and to be honest I didn’t need it that often. But I’ve always regretted the decision even if it was the right one.

So the one thing I promised myself when I left Uni was a new car – a business investment predominantly. And now it’s happened. Thanks to a great deal plus three hours of haggling at my local Peugeot showroom I am now the proud owner of a brand new 2012 plate 107. Yes, I know it’s not much, but it’s mine, and it’s reliable and I can go wherever I want again.

It means I can turn my back on getting to shoots towing a case full to the brim, I can arrive fresh and de-stressed and I will now rarely have to use trains, buses and National Express coaches. Amen to that.



# 78 Friendship

I occurs to me there are a lot of ulterior motives where friendship is concerned. I seem to get embroiled in all sorts of situations which don’t fit my nature. Whatever you may think of me (probably because you don’t know me well enough) I am a good friend. I don’t take sides, my advice is impartial and I don’t back stab. I will help to resolve things where I can. If all that messed up shit is your bag, don’t bother because I’ll see you a mile off and walk away.

If you’ve got me as a real friend, you’ll know it. If you’re side stepping around me and not sure whether to trust me, more fool you. I give second chances, no more. Because I know that the kind of friendship I offer doesn’t come around that often. Read it, and take head. I am no longer taking prisoners.

# 77 Three day catch up

This last week has been insane on so many levels. Now I feel I should do a three day blog catch up. But this is okay. I am not always in control of my life. Hey, it happens! Even control freaks and workaholics lose out sometimes.

Work deadlines for both university work and my business have been incredibly pressured this last week but this wasn’t unexpected. I don’t mind that, even if it means over the last three days I have had only 9 and a half hours sleep collectively. I work well under pressure and often produce my best work under these circumstances. The results should give you an idea how worth it, it all was. However, it has been coupled by personal stuff and the clash in the middle has been hard to balance against everything else.

Thankfully Friday was the perfect culmination to the entire week in one day. Deadlines met, amazing work results with fantastic teams, quality time with friends and personal stuff sorted to a happy conclusion. This gives me a smiley face like this 🙂

My month long Easter break from Uni begins now. It is full of design work, photoshoots, social gatherings and quality down time with friends and I am just going to enjoy every moment of it.

# 76 Trust

To be able to put your trust entirely in a human being, to me, seems very foolhardy. It’s never happened to me. I don’t mean trust them with a secret, or even your future hopes and fears. But everything, your entire being emotionally and physically, everything you see and everything you feel. It’s a dangerous risk to take because people are unpredictable and you never quite know how things are going to change. People can change so very fast. Once your trust is taken and they hold your secrets it’s like they own you and this is a very dangerous game to play.

Not falling into this position can be instinctive or it can take years to perfect. I’ve never completely embraced it but I have come close a few times. Each time I have learnt why it is a keen lesson indeed.  Yes, I am still learning though rarely do I get my fingers burnt these days.

I don’t think I’ll fall into it anytime soon. But you never can tell. Sometimes people can surprise you, sometimes they can let you down. I guess only time and a little caution will tell.

# 75 Sleep Talkin’ Man

I am genuinely unable to blog right now because I am so busy. Instead, here’s a blog to make you all happy. Go to Sleep Talkin’ Man. Enjoy.