# 67 Books

So far I’ve pretty much failed in one of my major resolutions – to read more. This week I was leant a book which I have never read *shame shame* – ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’. I’m sure that if I scheduled in some time I could get through a few pages a day.

And this could be a really good de-stress tactic. But doing it, when there are so many other things I could / should be doing, is tricky. I am really short of admin time and getting emails answered and pages updated takes time, especially when there is so much to lure me away from ‘down time’.

I should make it the last thing I do before bed, even for just half an hour. I might get to sleep quicker. Time to put that resolution into practice.


About goingitalone

All you need to know about me is on my posts. Right now, things are quiet. I'm trying to get back into blogging. Time - where is all the time!!!!

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