# 14 (2013) Do You Apply to Job Advertisements with Spelling Mistakes in Them?

There’s no two ways about it. Bad grammar and poor spelling really bug me and I know it bugs a lot of you too. Employers, I would guess, expect it of potential recruits replying to job advertisements. And for me as I join the ranks of job hunters it’s doubly depressing that I am faced with advertisements that clearly weren’t proof read. 

I’ve decided that I won’t apply for them. If they can’t advertise properly it doesn’t say a lot about the way they run their company or their appreciation for the effort that would go into the work I was doing for them. Just in the same way that I wouldn’t give a secretarial job to someone who couldn’t put a professional looking letter together.

If their adverts are a reflection of their company standards I could probably wow them with my attention to detail but something tells me it might be lost on them.


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