# 30 (2013) The Valentine’s Day Rip Off

So how did you spend Valentine’s Day? Snuggled up by a roaring fire with your better half? Perhaps a mini break? Maybe against your better judgement you just went crazy with the remnants of your January paycheck and bought chocolates, flowers and a card. That must have set you back at least £30.

We decided to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day by doing – well nothing really. If there’s one thing we both agree on, it’s that Christmas, Easter and all the other ‘anniversary stuff’ in between is a waste of money. Valentine’s Day really gets me. For mum’s it’s probably the one day of the year she’ll get breakfast in bed, for couples it’s a meal out but add £30 to the bill.

Seriously, do I actually need one special day of the year put aside so I can tell the person I am with that I love them? Like all the other celebratory days it’s just an excuse for retailers to make a quick buck.

It’s a religious celebration. Did you know that? Yes, St Valentine was a Saint and yes it is a religious celebration. And with neither of us being religious it seems insanely hypocritical like getting married in church because it’s ‘traditional’ rather than because you go to church and Christmas being all about over-eating and presents rather than Jesus Christ.



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