# 71 (2013) Foodie


I have started to notice how my relationship with food has changed this last month or so. I have always loved food. The emotional kick you get or the social connotations of a meal out or just trying something new is fun.


But the dynamics of my life have changed a lot and in many ways. I share the kitchen with two other people so my space is limited. These days my budget needs to remain the same for practical as well as financial reasons.

I have a new policy that I must clear cupboards and fridge freezer space before buying more food. The aim is to see how long I can go between shopping expeditions. Mostly this means that my need for food has become perfunctory. I eat because I am hungry.


Now that I am sharing my space I am seeing the vast differences between how I eat and how my housemates eat. I consume a lot less and in poorer quality. Primarily my purchases revolve around longevity, price and how ‘mixupable’ it is ie can it go into various meals?


So for instance something like frozen sausages are going to last a long time in the freezer and I can defrost only the number I need per meal. I can get them as part of a 3 for £10 deal and they can go into several meal types such as sausage and chips, chopped up in rice or pasta dishes or cut up in wraps. By buying with these things in mind my one freezer drawer/shelf/cupboard limit can last a month.

But of course this means that short lived and therefore healthier options are generally off limits and I am wondering how this will affect my health and general wellbeing long term. I buy no fruit, fresh vegetables or fresh meat products. Milk I buy in bulk, and put in the freezer. Most other dairy products are now off limits.


I have noticed that despite this unhealthy and repetitive diet I have never lost any weight. Because of my job, and because I’m a bit lazy, exercise is not a regular thing. I don’t think I am eating that much quantity wise which suggests I have an unhealthy diet. A quick tot up of today and I’ve probably racked up around 1000 calories in only two actual meals, too many if I want to drop a dress size but too little in quantity to keep me going. But if I get rid of the unhealthy stuff which helps to make the rest of my food last longer, what do I replace it with?


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