# 90 (2013) Daria Moments

Do you ever wonder why you made certain choices and stuck with them for so long, knowing what you do now? Maybe it was a career choice. Perhaps you went with the job that made you the most money. Maybe you wished you’d ditched your aspirations a long time ago in favour of the steady paycheck.

It’s a fact of life that you will change your mind at least several times. It may dawn on you when you start uni. Maybe you got all the way through that all important degree before realising your dreams weren’t what you thought they were going to be. Maybe you were in your 40s, or maybe you reached retirement before you finally got to engage in what you really wanted to be doing all your life.

These are facts. It’s the way it is. And we all have to do some shit jobs for money at some point or another. It just depends on how long you have to keep doing them. And that will often depend on your circumstances.

I wish I had gone to university when I left school. Instead I discovered I could type really fast and so I went and earned bags of money in the city as a PA. I’m doing now what I should have been doing all along but it’s been a long time coming and knowing what I know now, I would have done everything differently. I don’t need reminding of that, it’s with me all the time. But I’m also aware that the experiences I’ve had have made me who I am and I can’t knock it for that because I don’t think I’ve turned out THAT badly.

The key is being able to pick up and carry on where you left off. Don’t regret it all your life, try it. And then at least you can say you gave it your best shot.


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