# 92 (2013) Progress Is Inevitable

No matter how much we may lament the way things used to be or witness the unchecked force of corporations as they swallow up the little man, there is no doubt that progress is inevitable.

I was reminded of this whilst reading a news article about the rise of Tesco. We might complain about the giant supermarkets and how they are sucking the life out of high streets and our local suppliers but Tesco began life very humbly like many of the big chains.

It all started in 1919 and a 21 year old war veteran who set up a market stall with surplus army fish paste and golden syrup supplies. Jack Cohen was once that independent trader. Now look at Tesco. I suppose we should be celebrating him for taking his business where others refused to go – to the big time.

And it reminded me that you can’t stop progress. Tesco’s success was fueled by demand, an increasing population and a desire for convenience and cut price. If the people didn’t want it, they shouldn’t have bought it. Because no matter how much we may complain about the downfall of our cosy little high streets, we’d all rather dip into a ‘one store for all’ rather than hiking around to 6 or 7 shops in a day. I mean, who has the time for that anymore? We all live in the rat race. We all want convenience. But we are all in one form or another at someone else’s convenience most of the time and that pushes us into an inevitable corner.

I used to get really wound up about how these firms are taking over and changing our country into lazy cheapskates. But I’ve stopped caring. Because I can’t change it. As humankind continues to eat its way through the planet there is only one way it can all go and you can’t stop it. So you have three choices – embrace it, use it but keep savvy or live in the middle of a field and pretend it isn’t happening. All three are valid options.

How it all began - almost (source)

How it all began – almost (source)

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