# 93 (2013) How To Increase Your Hits (If That’s Why You Blog)

This blog has been neglected. And it’s not because I can’t be bothered. It’s because I’ve been busy. Working. And blogging elsewhere. I’ve been less passionate about my life in general and more focused on certain aspects of it which are getting interesting results. You see, I have another blog, and it’s a secret because it has a very specific audience all of its own. And it’s had 56,000 hits since December.

There are reasons it has had so much attention and it’s not just because of the amount of time I spend writing it, publicising it and responding to comments. It’s because there are a bunch of naked people on it. And as we know sex and nudity sell. I bet you’re all checking Google now trying to work out what it is aren’t you?

I’m sure that a lot of the hits are because people think they’re going to see a lot of nudity on it. A female talking about nudity is bound to attract some attention. But they’d be disappointed. Never mind, because their hit has already been clocked up on my stats as they were trolling my page.

It’s definitely over taken this blog and I think there are several reasons for that, apart from the obvious nudity angle. Mostly that I write it incognito. I do that to direct it away from me, and focus more on the subjects at hand. I bump into very few people who read that other blog. Those who do are reading it for the right reasons. I write honestly and with a ‘can’t give a fuck’ attitude towards what other people might think about my opinions. But I’m not vulgar or even that controversial. I just speak my mind from personal experience and that level of honesty is really doing me a service.

Here, there is something slightly vulnerable because this blog gets posted to my Facebook profile. Many times I have not written about emotive subjects or not been that honest about my feelings. I’ve had the nastiest and angriest of comments here purely because I wanted to voice my opinion about something. And even though my identity here isn’t clear, unless you already know me over on Facebook, it does make me feel a bit vulnerable. So I tend to hold back on the stuff which would probably get me noticed more. And I guess that’s disappointing because would people really be that offended by anything I have to say like ‘I think it’s good that we’re not going into Syria?’ I’m not sure.

The Bloggess, who is the blogger I would ultimately want to be like because she’s just so darn funny, wrote a very good piece on blogging and getting hit rates up. She is very successful, wins awards and has a huge audience. You can read all about it here. She had some great key comments I’d like to share with you:

Google rankings mean nothing.

Ignore SEO.

Write about totally controversial things that will get people to come scream at you.

Write vicious posts about popular bloggers and then email them to tell them what you did.

Judge everyone. All the time.

Get mad about something everyone else is already mad about too.

Call out people on twitter or on your blog.  Have a public fight.

Write for yourself.

Now, if you’re looking to up your hit rate or generally increase your readership then I suggest the following which I’ve found works a treat:

Always tag your posts with key words to help people find you. It’s like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs.

Write about nudity and body image and include images where appropriate and illustrative.

Write about up to date news items such as Syria or the latest high profile rape case. Be honest but controversial in your comments. But write if you are interested in those subjects and not just because you think you should. If you’re not that bothered by the subject, your readers will spot that in your writing.

Name drop even if it’s only celebrities you mention in passing. And remember to tag their names.

Be funny in a dry and cynical way.

Just be funny.

This is all really an expansion of what The Bloggess includes above. And I’m not saying you should do all this just to increase your readership. But getting good hits on your blog will inspire you to keep writing.


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