# 95 (2013) Is Your Online Profile Doing You Harm?

Considering  the disgusting amount of time I spend on the internet it’s remarkable how little there is about me wafting around in the ethernet. There are a remarkable number of people out there with my name all hogging the limelight but very little of it is about me.

Yahoo recently asked if your online profile was harming your job prospects. Clearly not in my case. Which I find slightly disappointing. I think it’s because my business operates under a business name and most of my writing is on blogs that don’t include my identity. Do you need to know about me, or just what I think? I feel the latter.

I respect my privacy on my social media pages. I don’t want just anyone trolling me. I don’t take selfies and I modeled under a pseudonym so that kinda takes care of all that. If someone wants to work with me through my business, they type my business name in. That’s the image of a business.

However, one remarkable discovery is that I have an IMDb page.  I have been on television and radio, I’ve also been published and I have a book coming out next year. I’m also a fashion designer with many many images lurking out there so it’s really quite fascinating how little of it actually comes back to me under my name.

It’s a fact that companies will troll the internet looking for you if your CV lands on Human Resources desk. I know, I’ve seen it. It’s an effective (perhaps) filtering system for companies swamped by applications. If the Facebook profile looks inviting, you may get to stage 2. Just remember that.


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