# 102 (2013) The Technology Take Over

This year I have reset my bank card pin numbers four times. I hardly ever use my cards in shops anymore. I shop online most of the time. Technology has become every shoppers best friend.

The other week I bought a Google Nexus 7 as a cheaper and more user friendly replacement for my rapidly aging laptop and to be honest it’s hardly been off since I got it. It’s far more convenient and user friendly now that I’ve mastered some of Androids finer quirks.

I love technology and I have no issue embracing it at the expense of other less efficient ways of doing things. At the end of the day it makes my life easier and generally saves me money. But I realise it comes with big sacrifices such as the Royal Mail and the British high street. I am also very much aware that our reliance on these incredibly powerful products is probably a very dangerous thing. And certainly it takes some of the fun out of real shopping.

That’s not to say technology is always a good thing. But it seems to me just as fragile as other less automated systems like the Inland Revenue. That both let me down last week, on the same day and in the same afternoon meant they were both keenly felt. No prizes for guessing which one resolved my concerns fastest.

My Nexus had to be returned to the shop for a replacement because it didn’t work but that same afternoon I was up and running. As for the IR – it’s going to take them at least five weeks to sort out what’s wrong there and it strikes me that for the simple issue I have with my tax code, a little technology would go a long way to giving far better customer service and saving them admin hours and paperwork.


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