# 108 (2013) The Off Switch

If you’re quite creative you may find it hard to switch off. Being creative is a very plyable medium because creativity and potential inspiration is around you wherever you go. If, like me, you work across several mediums, you may not have completely switched off in a long time.

It is therefore a weird juxtaposition putting a creative person in a sterile working environment where nothing around them feeds their work. But if, again like me, you find it hard to switch off, you’ll be constantly finding ways to keep busy. Because time doing nothing is wasted time.

These days I work part time as a receptionistbeen though the business is till very much alive and kicking. But because it is part time the agony is only short lived and by the time I’ve completed the tasks allotted it’s almost time to go home again. This last week however I have been covering other people’s shifts and spent 40 gruelling hours answering phones, opening post and being forced to listen to really terrible chart music.

I have tried to stay motivated. I’ve spent the time surreptitiously working from my Nexus on my accounts, reading up on blog posts and industry articles and writing drafts of blog posts of my own. Most internet is banned in the office but I often have BBC News on the desktop and I have 3Gs on my phone. If I do nothing or have to listen to any more office bitching I may go mad.

When I get bored I want to eat and that’s a bad rut to get in to, so I’ve really tried to keep my mind occupied even if it has been Solitaire. But the less you do, the less you want to do. Sometimes it just kills the brain and it’s left me struggling to get motivated in the evenings when all I want to do is get home and console myself with the biggest dinner I can muster up or anything involving biscuits or cake.

I will be glad when this week is over. Next week will bring renewed enthusiasm as I settle back into part time hours and can get back to my studio and stuck into paid commissions that have been stacking up whilst I have been office bound. I like being busy and I actually work better under pressure because I hate falling behind. Even as a creative, pressure is good for me. I don’t like long lead in times.  So in some ways it’s made me appreciate my studio time more and I can’t wait to get back to my sewing machine.

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