# 110 (2013) The C Word

A hotly debated topic of discussion in the office last week was Christmas. Not least because the powers that be have circulated details of the works Christmas party (or meal) that noone wants to attend. And mostly because the last thing we actually want to talk about in October is Christmas. But there are less than 3 months until the festivities so I don’t think it’s going to be avoidable for much longer. Mince pies are already in the shops. It’s all downhill from here on.

I hate Christmas. It’s a fact. I hate the commercialism that comes with it, that it has nothing to do with its true meaning (which means nothing to an atheist like me anyway). That it’s all geared around companies making money by emotionally bribing you into buying products you don’t need, to over eat, over drink and buy unnecessary gifts for and receive unnecessary gifts from various people. Even in the office you are rarely spared the Secret Santa.

I dislike it mostly because I don’t have the budget for Christmas. I don’t have the budget for birthdays either but Christmas can really destroy your bank balance because it comes along all at once like a Tsunami. And when you have nothing to spend in the first place it’s a hard cross to bear. And of course you feel pushed into getting things for people because they will buy things for you. And if you don’t woe betide the emotional blackmail that goes with it. I am an unmaterialistic person. I just don’t see the point.

I haven’t decorated a house for Christmas for at least 12 years. It’s a waste of money. And trees just take up space and are also a waste of money. Like buying bin bags. Why would you buy something that goes straight into the rubbish. Silly.

If I could get away with it I, like some of the people around me in the office, would just not bother with Christmas. We’d stay at home, eat normal food and probably watch the usual selection of Christmas reruns, depressing carnage in Albert Square and deliberately forget to watch the Queen speech. And then it would be New Year. Another celebration and a chance to make resolutions that’ll be broken before the week is out. Nuff said.



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