# 113 (2013) What Will Happen When You Get Old

Who will look after you when you’re old? Will you have as partner? Children? Friends? Or will you be like the increasing number of singles going it alone.

No one wants to get old and lose their independence because of fraility or ill health but as we continue to survive into ever increasing years thanks to medical intervention this is exactly what is going to happen.

And as the number of singles living alone also continues to increase we are at risk of ending up a nation of lonely and vulnerable pensioners. Something made painfully obvious on ‘999 – What’s Your Emergency?’ which aired on Monday 4th November.

I don’t want to get old alone. To be honest I don’t relish getting old at all. My independence has always been one of my most treasured posessions. But at the moment that’s one of the most unnerving probabilities about my future. It’s fairly likely this is what is going to happen to me and that is a worrying prospect should I one day be unable to look after myself.

And if I don’t amass enough pension or savings contributions that could put me at the mercy of the state – something nobody wants.

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