# 115 (2013) Six Degrees Of Separation

At the weekend I attended a social gathering where I bumped into a girl I hadn’t seen in several years. My then partner at that time had asked her out. And even though neither she (nor my ex-partner) knew I was privy to this information, our fleeting reunion was tinged with awkwardness. We’d never been friends, just occasional work colleagues at an auction house that thought there was nothing dodgy about paying casual staff under the table from a wodge of cash in a brief case. It was a short lived arrangement I am glad to say. I hasten to add at this point that this girl had not accepted my letching ex’s advances so I really had no bone to pick with her.

But it’s another reminder why staying in an area when you’re used to making fresh starts in pastures new can have its unwanted moments. For the most part I have managed to avoid such scenarios but I have always described this area as quite incentuous in its relationships. Everyone knows everyone else. There are no more than six degrees of seperation here without a doubt.


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