# 116 (2013) The Hannah Hart Phenomenon

Fame has become very diluted. Hannah Hart for instance. Jenna Marbles meets Keith Floyd. A YouTube sensation. A girl who gets drunk and cooks. I guess entertainment comes in many forms. Although to be fair, I have been entertained by the likes of Jackass for years.

The next big thing? (source)

The next big thing? (source)

But I’m not sure watching a twentysomething slowly becoming an alcoholic isn’t quite where it’s all at. Sure she is confident in front of the webcam but I’m not sure how, long term, this equates into valid fame. Is there any definition? I guess it depends where she takes it next. Maybe the whole point is just to take your lucky breaks where you can get them whether they are engineered or totally by accident. If you’re lucky people will get it and love you.

Modern fame means you don’t always have to wait to be discovered. If you’ve got a webcam and access to the internet you too can create it instantaneously without the need for refinement or perfect edits. You don’t even have to be that great at it, you just need entertainment factor. Definitions of entertainment and quality change all the time.

TV programmes such as the X Factor have driven us all to yearn for some element of fame in our lives as if it’s a god given thing we are all entitled to. But many discover they’re not good enough for the likes of Simon Cowell. And thank goodness for that. Not that this puts off all the wannabe’s.

The world has more creatives than it can possibly handle. The hopes and dreams of millions of creative graduates are dashed every year as they realise their skills are not going to pay board and lodging. Welcome to the office and the daily grind. It could be a small side step or it could swallow up your life. Your dreams of headlining Glastonbury or being the next big thing at Vogue could easily become another pipe dream. Invariably it will be a case of who you know, not what you know. Hence university education as a success route for creative graduates is a myth everyone still wants to believe. But lecturers won’t tell you that. And they may not even promote it. They will tell you, you need work experience and several years of internships.

The thing is, if you have the talent, you will be found in some way, but you will need to circulate, and self promote and circulate. AND CIRCULATE. And no amount of resume posting is going to secure you that dream job or recognition for your abilities. Getting the right contacts will at the end of the day, be the make or break of you, not getting a first at your university of choice.

Because if 30 CV’s all land of the editor of GQ magazine’s desk and they’ve all got a first, they all look the same. But the one who bumped into him at some exhibition and gave him his business card might actually be the one who gets the first taste of the proverbial cake.


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