# 119 (2013) The System Doesn’t Work

This year I have earned through PAYE less than half of the tax free allowance of £9440. But despite this I have been stuck on an emergency tax code for the last eight months. Had I been relying on my income of £400 a month I would have been in serious trouble by now.

Thankfully I am financially savvy and never a one to let myself fall victim to the system. Even so, I have been working and I do deserve the money I am owed.

And every week I am promised things are being sorted, another taxed pay check comes through. This week it was just £95.00. Even so I consider myself lucky. And I realise there are people who are in far worse financial situations than me and genuinely a victim of the system.

I understand that. I have been there. I’ve been on housing lists, I’ve seen something of the way things are. But I’ve never been in the worst of situations.

It’s frightening to think how many people there are across the country who are waiting, and making phone calls and getting nowhere. And it doesn’t really matter to the people in the offices processing the claims. I know that from my past job at the council. It doesn’t matter how long it takes them because they are still being paid.

And noone ever seems to have to answer for long delays and unprocessed claims. Admin in this country has become shocking. Standards have slipped. Really slipped.


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