# 120 (2013) Food Wastage versus Not Enough To Eat

The best cash ISA is now a pathetic 1.8%. If you were saving the full allowance of £5760 per year that’s just £103.68 return.

If you have savings burning a hole in your pocket you could do far worse than use them to pay off your debts first. If the rate on your debt is higher than any savings account you can get, pay your debt first.

If you’re looking for other ways to lower your daily budget take a serious look at your outgoings. Streamlining your lifestyle now will help long term:

Clothes – do you have enough to wear? If so, stop the shopping spree.

Food – are you throwing it away? If so stop buying so much. Don’t fall for multi purchase deals. Make it a competition to see how empty you can get your cupboards before your next shop. Find creative ways to use leftovers.

Tescos has come into the firing line again recently for its huge food wastage. Make sure you’re not just a mini version of that problem. There is no excuse for it in our current economy. If you can’t eat fresh sell by date produce quick enough don’t buy it. If you’re not eating it anyway, it’s not going to make any difference. You’re better off streamlining your diet than being blackmailed by the 5 a day reminder.

Tescos has recently revealed that 68% of its pre-bagged salads get thrown away, 35% of it by customers. 40% of apples and almost half of all bakery products also end up in the bin. You know you can freeze bread don’t you? If you added up how much food you throw away would you be surprised? Ashamed?

In the first half of this year 28,500 tons of food was wasted by Tesco stores alone. And we as a country waste about 15 million tons of food per year. When there are so many people going without how can that be?

You can freeze basic daily items such as milk, bread, raw and cooked meat and many pre cooked products. You can also freeze home made soups, casseroles, and cooked pasta. You can also freeze pre chopped mushrooms, onions and even raw eggs.

As for sell by and use by dates, most of them are only there to cover the backs of the supermarkets. Chances are if it looks alright, smells alright and tastes alright, it probably is alright. I never pay attention to dates and I’ve never been ill.

So stop throwing food away. There is absolutely no excuse for it.


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