# 121 (2013) Define Happiness

How do you define happiness? I read an article the other day called, obviously enough, ‘How Do You Define Happiness‘. I found it strangely lacking, that it focussed far too much on the materialistic.

Whilst it is nice to have material possessions – a stable home, job, money, a partner and marriage, maybe even kids if you are so inclined, are these really the things that make people happy? Or are they just the tick boxes we are supposed to fill as responsible adults? These elements of life may stop you worrying as much (and there’s no doubt two jobs, an income and rainy day money in the bank certainly stop me fretting as much) but are these the things that bring true inner contentment.

Mine revolves around things that are far less ‘touchable’. The ability to create and the emotional satisfaction I get from making or writing something I am really proud of, are far more satisfying mentally than the figures in the bank when I sell it. This means my business is a double edged sword. It has to churn out commercially viable products but are they the creative end point I yearn for?

What about relationships. Is finding your soul mate the thing you are looking for? Mine have no end point. There is no long term – no marriage, no kids – so how rewarding on a more mental level can they possibly be? For me, relationships are a journey of discovery, a chance to be a part of another existence, a hope that this time I won’t fuck it up and regret the time and energy put into it. That when it does end it will be with a sense of fulfillment and not regret and anger.

Knowing that you genuinely serve a purpose in the world surely has to be up there? There has to be more to it than contributing to our oversubscribed population or saving for a secure retirement? Where do you fit in? What will you leave behind apart from your genes and an inheritance?

Maybe you will write a book, or a song, or invent something, or cure a disease so that others might pursue their happiness. Or maybe it’s just self satisfaction that makes for real happiness. Maybe it’s just a desert island, some sea turtles and no social media whatsoever.


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