# 122 (2013) A Social Media Experiment

If you know me over on Facebook you’ll know I generally fill it with pointless stuff. There is a reason for this and it’s because if I didn’t there would be very little going on on my timeline.

That’s because I don’t ‘check in’, rarely post pictures of my dinner and never post selfies. I don’t even have my birthday registered.

In part it’s because I don’t think anyone would be interested and that I’m not interested in others versions of the same thing. I’m very well aware of how much we all hype up our lives on social media to make us look more interesting or more successful than we possibly really area and how depressed and inferior that can make the rest of us feel. But mostly it’s because of people like Jack Vale and his social media experiment.

I’ve always been keenly aware of how vulnerable we are when we make our lives available to other internet users and those with a more concerning ulterior motive will find ways to make that work in their favour. There are apps out there designed with the stalker or suspicious boyfriend / girlfriend in mind. You can pretty much track anyone. And that’s scary. If that’s your motive

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