# 123 (2013) The Lincoln Clown

The was a brief and somewhat depressing flurry of news as the ‘Lincoln Clown‘ grabbed the headlines recently. The stunt was pulled in Northampton some time ago and lasted considerbly longer than Lincoln’s efforts of 2 days plus a Facebook page which was taken down almost as fast.

Northampton’s original, revealed to be a 22 year old film student, managed to survive for a whole month in September and October and news about its creepy appearance spanned the globe. Unsigned Lincoln folk band ‘Pheasants and their Enemies’ jumped on the bandwaggon of its more successful predecessor  but lasted less than 48 hours before being revealed.

Have social media stunts like this become a poor excuse at fun and fame? Something else would at least have been a bit more original. The band were quoted as saying it was ”…an attempt to show that social media can create a buzz over something bizarre and pointless, but nevertheless intriguing.” But is it?

Surely stunts like this are old hat and it’s time to think more about the end product. Had they themed it to get the band publicity that would be one thing, but, having used someone else’s idea, I don’t think it’s the band’s name that will be remembered in this case.


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