# 125 (2013) Over Qualified

The problem with university is that it fills its attendees with delusions of grandeur, that somehow because they studied for three years and got a qualification that it somehow entitles them to the career they planned or that finding a job would be easy.

The problem is that, as highlighted in a BBC news article last week, there are more people in jobs they are over qualified for than ever before. And that’s because menial, office or retail jobs are filled by graduates desperate to do anything that looks better than signing on or spending another year doing a free internship that is supposed to bag you an actual paycheck.

Getting a second skill is essential, especially if you took your degree in the arts, like everyone else, and realised there was no paid job at the end of it. Equally it’s important that your second skill is something desirable, that pays a living wage and that you can potentially stand doing for the rest of your life or along side all the free stuff you will be doing because you love it enough to do it for nothing and at least it reminds you that you are good at what you do.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow but if you’re reading this now and studying and if you’re not doing business, marketing or medicine, plan your second skill. Get good with your telephone manner, type fast or become a filing whizz. It may be a sucky job and not what you planned but maybe, just maybe, it’ll be enough for you to be able to live a life and work on the dream.


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