# 126 (2013) Economic equality isn’t possible – some people have low IQs

The Metro may have today slammed Boris Johnson for ‘mocking people with low IQ’s’ but the reality is a classless system is not possible for this very reason. There are people who can manage banks and there are people who can build walls. None is less valuable than the other, they just require different educational levels.

The fact is that in bygone days (right up until the 1980s) there was a job for everyone because there were requirements for people of all abilities and all educational levels. You might get someone born into poverty, but they could climb up the ladder a couple of rungs. Generally everyone had a role in society within their class or higher if they aspired to it and that meant they could find work enough to support them.

These days, many hands on jobs or those not requiring degrees have been sent overseas to those with far lower educational experience than most people in the UK. And all the while our non academics are in part signing on, or struggling to stay in study to try and get them into jobs they are not destined to manage.

Retake students struggling to pass just one or two GCSE’s above ‘Fail’ are going to do what exactly? The vocational courses and the apprenticeships they should be aiming at just don’t exist and we live in a mentality that University is the target educational aspiration.

Even so there are people being told to knock their hard earned degrees off their CVs. Overqualified or simply expecting too much from the job market? And just how valuable is a degree when the majority has them and many of the jobs graduates are applying for just don’t require them (see post #125 (2013) Over Qualified).

What’s the answer? Well of course in the real world I would suggest reigniting the market in jobs for less than perfectly qualified employees. But of course that would mean a huge turn around in the way we manufacture and bringing industry back to the UK. A likely course of action? Not yet but with stuttering in supply and demand and problems with import, who knows. Watch this space, for some time.

For a balanced view of Boris Johnson’s speech rather than the selective diatribe spouted by the media, look on the internet or read it here. Also listen to the last 20 minutes of PM on Radio 4 broadcast on Thursday evening for some further constructive insights into his presentation.

Boris Johnson mocking low IQs (source)

Boris Johnson mocking low IQs (source)


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