#127 (2013) Black Friday Shame

We have become like scavengers at a carcass. Bullying and fighting for the last scraps of a tired dead body. That’s what we have been reduced to by introducing Black Friday American style sales into our shops.

We don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving as a nation and yet we have absorbed their crazy shopping sprees in a bid to wring the last pennies from already financially bust customers. It’s like Boxing Day but a month early.

I guess they think that getting in a month before Christmas will boost the poor sales afterwards as everyone skips 26th December in favour of post New Year and Spring sales. I’m ashamed, I have to say.

Fighting in Asda’s over cut price televisions, hospitalisations and arrests. Big companies to small, all are trying to cash in and boost their profts, or their balances, just a little bit.

It’s scenes like this, and a reduced income which have taken all the love out of shopping for me. I only do what I absolutely have to do and I won’t battle with crowds. It does nothing for me. Nothing at all.

Crazies (source)

Crazies (source)


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