# 128 (2013) Commitment

There are pros and cons to being a temp in an office. One of the pros is that you get to avoid all the office bureaucracy because you’re not really one of ‘them’. It means that if I want to take a day off or I’m not well and can’t make it in, then I simply don’t get paid. As an official employee I’d have to jump through hoops and fill out forms to get time off or have to go through a ‘back to work interview’ for literally every day I was off ill.

Likewise organising Christmas holidays means I can just tell them what I’m doing and they fill in the gaps. If I was full time where I am now, it would mean I’d be working until half five on Christmas Eve.

The temp job I am in now was only supposed to be for 2 months, progressing to permanent if things worked out. But they’ve forgotten all about me and 3 months later I’m still temping. I take this back seat approach because I am not desperate for the money. If I was, I wouldn’t be doing 17 hours a week. Up until now I thought I was getting away with it but questions are at last being asked and I’ve finally been found out. I have to decide whether to take it permanently and get sucked into the system.

The job itself isn’t very inspiring, but for 3 hours a day what more can you expect? It is however, one of those offices with mind numbing office pecking orders and bitchiness. Thankfully I’m on the shop floor and not in the back offices where the problems fester but I do get all of the petty gossip for which I have no time.

So the question is, do I really want to go through this for a 17 hour a week receptionist job or go back to the important things in my life?


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