I demand to know why you don’t have kids yet!

Love this. I’ve chosen to remain childless and the conversations are always amusing.

The Matt Walsh Blog

I try not to eavesdrop. I am a proud graduate of the prestigious Noneya Business School of Butt Out, Jerk. Yet, sometimes, I can’t help overhearing a conversation, and sometimes I can’t help but be intrigued by that conversation. Take yesterday for example: I was sitting in a coffee shop a few feet from a couple of women who looked to be about my age, perhaps a few years older. It seemed to me that these two ladies didn’t know each other very well; maybe they were coworkers or something. In any case, I tried to ignore them and carry on with the work I was doing, but my train of thought was suddenly interrupted when one of the women (Woman A, we’ll call her) loudly asked the other: “So WHEN are you two gonna have a BABY?!”

Woman B: “Uh, you know, we’ll see. Anyway…”

Woman A: “We’re trying…

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