# 3 (2014) How Was It For You?

2014 hasn’t got off to the best start.

Today I am facing my first day unemployed. I also realised just how much damage the Christmas binge has had on my waistline and my new year resolution to get up at a sensible hour for a normal working person rather than lying in until I wake up, has begun. I am not a happy morning person.

As if I needed any icing on this dismal cake I have the joy of having multiple needles stuck into my gums on Friday. I know that is not going to go well.

Around me friends are having bad luck of their own, out of the ordinary things, not the stuff you’d expect in every day life.

My philosophy is that some things do happen for a reason. Something you don’t want to happen can lead to bigger and better opportunities so I am finding solace in the knowledge that getting out of my dead end part time job will get me out of a rut. But some things are harder to make sense of.

Are you having good luck? Has something awesome happened to you in the first 6 days of the new year? Tell us. Restore my early faith in 2014!


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