# 5 (2014) Gifting Food Is Abuse

This year, not putting anything on Christmas lists has been a fate worse than putting a list together. Let’s just say it did not achieve the aim of not getting any gifts, but simply resulted in people wasting more money than if if I had specified things.

Amalgamated with our current financial situation it resulted in a lot of very unnecessary gifting of food. We literally ended up with box loads of groceries, snacks and junk food, a lot of it things we would never normally buy. I mean, who needs four Toblerones????

For me in particular it has resulted in excessive weight gain which has left me feeling angry and resentful at myself. Way to go gifts that made me hate myself. So the remaining food has been bagged up and stashed away and now I have to fit exercise into my life to get back down to my dubious but managable body weight limits.

I’m one of those people that only sees the point in doing fun things. So exercise needs to include brain stimulation otherwise I get very bored very fast. But as these are otherwise known as things I can’t afford to do, I am reduced to using a stationary exercise bike for as long as it takes to deal with this self inflicted abuse. And this is just more self inflicted abuse.

Please – nobody buy me food. I have very little willpower when it comes to free snacks and I only have to look at a bar of Dairy Milk to put on a pound so you are doing me no favours.

And so my exercise regime begins.

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