# 7 (2014) The Working From Home Routine

Last Thursday I left the house for the first time since the previous Saturday.

Having the freedom to do exactly what I want 24/7 is great. And I have thrown myself completely into my design work with so much enthusiasm it surprises me. It’s the thing I love doing the most and it’s my business. I feel like I’ve been given another chance to make this work. Escaping from office work after 5 months has been liberating for my creative soul. I’m not going to lie, I am loving it.

But working from home is a solitary business. It is the fate of many of us who live and work under the same roof. And it’s a fine line between working from home and never leaving the house. I have to make a very conscious plan to build going out into my weekly schedule. It’s remarkable how quickly you lose your social skills when you’re not meeting people so it’s important to bear that in mind. I also have to factor in exercise time because my job doesn’t involve much physical activity.

And even though I’m working on average 6-7 hours a day, 6, or sometimes 7 days a week, I still feel guilty when I put my feet up in the evening. I keep business separate from the rest of the house but it’s still not the same as commuting and leaving the house. Especially if the other people in the house do commute every day and enjoy their own space when they are at home. It’s a fine balance.

Even the simple act of popping out to post a letter can be a major change of scenery when you work from home and it never quite feels like you’ve accomplished something if you haven’t left the house for a couple of days.

I will feel less guilty when paid commissions are coming in and I am going out to more photoshoots. At the moment I’m clearing a backlog of personal designs, responding to enquiries and scheduling shoots which begin this Friday.

I just hope things kick off before another office job turns up and I feel obliged to take it on.


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