# 8 (2014) Art And Design

Historically, art careers do not pay well and employment opportunities themselves aren’t that inspiring. Despite this, a huge number of students enrole in, and graduate from, art based subjects. If art is your thing, that’s just the way it is.

Today’s graduates are realising their years at University may be the last time they get to enjoy their career ambitions without having to worry about how much money they are making from their skills, having the funds to simply be creative and the time to endulge 24\7 without additional pressures.

Once Uni is out the way and earning money becomes the main focus of attention, artsy careers may go on the backburner. If you’re planning to do it your way and start your own business you could potentially have to wait several years before you see a profit. That’s ok if you love your artsy work and of course you’ll be used to living on a tight budget because you were living on a student loan for the last 3 years right? But unless you’re living off the bank of mum and dad you’ll probably end up having to get a real life job to cover your ass.

If you’re employed by someone else in the industry your job might have the loosest possible connection to your career ambitions and may well be paying you a pittance. Artsy careers are a labour of love. You really have to want it despite the odds. But that’s okay because what you are learning as an intern working a ten hour day for your travel fare will of course be invaluable to you once you start climbing the ladder of success.

The truth of the matter is you’ve got to have a pretty thick skin to be an art graduate and still be nurturing your career ambitions 12 months later. I’ve seen so many art graduate colleagues in completely irrelevant jobs or retraining because Uni failed to tell anyone about the odds of getting a job in your chosen industry in that first year.

Because up until the point you finish uni you still feel invincible. You know you’ll be the one that’s going to make it.

The truth is there were 12 million graduates in the UK last year and there just aren’t that many career jobs out there.

The most common ly used picture I could find on Google images so I used it (source)

The most commonly used picture I could find on Google images so I used it (source)


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