# 10 (2014) Take Risks – They Might Pay Off

The better 2014 goes the more I mentally curse myself for how 2013 didn’t go. Last year was about earning enough money to keep a roof over my head and food in the fridge. And that was it. Although I did some business related things, it didn’t go anywhere near to either paying bills or advertising myself. It was a cop out. I took the easy route. Where was I at the end of 2013? In exactly the place I was in at the beginning of 2013. I had not progressed. Twelve valuable months, essentially down the pan.

I am not a risk taker. I am aware of this. Even I know that sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and see what sticks. In my case, something forced me take that leap of faith. I lost my job. And I was relieved. It took all the responsibility away from me having to say ‘I don’t want to earn a regular wage any more, I want to put my time into my business’ and it let me put the blame fairly and squarely on good old fashioned fate.

Once I was job free, not only did all my creativity return (who knew?) but my desire to go back into that safe, but ultimately frustrating, earning environment dissolved. I found excuses for not going back. Like not returning calls from the temp agency I was registered with and firmly saying I wouldn’t work full time. Almost a month later and I’ve had no referrals for jobs, haven’t heard from my agency and I just don’t care because I’ve been more productive business wise in the last month than I was in the whole of last year.

That doesn’t mean to say things are easy. Thanks to two weeks owed holiday, a tax rebate (which still sits on the misty horizon of ‘end of tax year’ and a few scraps I’ve picked up which hopefully are going to be long term, I haven’t yet come in under earning for January but I know that’s it and I now have to make money. I’m thankful I know how to live off tea and bread and butter. It hasn’t reached that point yet and I hope it doesn’t.

My 2014 mission statement, that I would work on shoots for free to up my brand, my advertising and my presence on the internet, is paying off in HUGE terms. But it’s not earning me anything my landlord can use and every time I go out to shoot it’s costing me. So I’m out of pocket. Commissions are slowly coming in and I realise you have to speculate to accumulate.  I KNOW this! I also know that there comes a point where you do have to say I need some money now.

I don’t feel that I’m living in that real world of  ‘go out and get a real job’ just yet. Been there, seen it, done it. I’m being a creative person and nothing else seems to matter but it’s not how the real world works. Lucky breaks seem to be around every corner though. 2014 is turning into a positive year and I know that so long as I continue on this road, and with this amount of enthusiasm, that things are heading for a turning point.

It’s about getting on with it, self belief, perseverance and god knows it’s about social media for business!

A leap of faith - goldfish style (source)

A leap of faith – goldfish style (source)


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