# 13 (2014) You Make Your Own Luck

I am not religious. But I do believe in fate.

I have this idea that there are certain events in your life that are set to happen. How you get to them is your choice. But that doesn’t mean I sit back and wait for things to come to me.

You make your own luck and you’ll reach those milestone points in your life quicker and in a potentially happier state if you get up off your arse and steer your own ship. Blaming other people for your own failing is a cop out. You are your own boss.

But the milestones are there for a reason. Some of them are good and some are bad. But they are all learning curves. The important thing is to learn from them. Often the fails are the things that teach you and the successes are the rewards for good choices or hard work.

React to them how you will. But they are all important to the person you are and the person you will eventually become. Even so, don’t let your choices be taken out of your hands.

You are still in charge.

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