# 14 (2014) Just Unfollow

I recently started using the app for Twitter ‘Just Unfollow’. I was curious about the updates that kept on appearing on my Twitter feed from other users.

I thought it might be a useful way to find new people in business and who found my work interesting. This is important for business, right?

But as I’ve used it, I’ve begun to realise it’s not much more than a name and shame app for Tweeters who want to know who unfollowed them.

I follow a selection of people on Twitter. Many of them do not follow me back. But that’s ok. They are industry people and I’m interested in what’s going on out there. But I’ve noticed that if someone new follows me and I don’t follow them back, that within a few days they have unfollowed me. The app tells me exactly who they are. Like I should be adding them to some sort of Just Unfollow blacklist. Oh wait, there is one.

Twitter newsfeed is hard enough to keep up with at the best of times. It’s not my only social media outlet and I really don’t have the time to follow everyone who follows me. Let’s bear in mind here that I only Twitter for business. That’s why it’s in my business name.

I find this app a little creepy although I’m not dumping it just yet. I like the daily updates and it’s really handy for wheedling out those accounts that were abandoned some time ago. Twitter isn’t for everyone. But there is something weirdly intriguing about finding out who got bored of you already.


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