# 18 (2014) Second Job Syndrome

It’s Friday. Another week at your desk job has bitten the dust and you’re thankful for the weekend. But seeing the months fly by may be unnerving you as you think back to where you wanted to be this time last year. And yet you’re still here, doing the 9 to 5. Welcome to Second Job Syndrome.

If you’re lucky enough to not be in this situation you may be passionate about your chosen career and you may be good at it. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’ll find paid work doing it. There will be times when you have to improvise. Cue the 9 to 5.

I’ve always been an advocate of getting skilled in the real world as well as your chosen life job, so that if push comes to shove you’ll find a job somehow. I learnt how to type and secretarial became my back up. And I can honestly say it’s saved me financially more times than I can remember. But it also made me complacent. Most notably last year when I needed a regular guaranteed income. And so 2013 just flew by. I earned enough to pay my bills but me as a person and as a business stood still. I regret much of 2013. And I regularly berate myself for the years wasted in office jobs.

I guess had I not been able to sit in an office and type I’d of had to get up off my backside and make my business work, but I took the easy route. And I see around me friends and colleagues getting stop gap jobs that sometimes last years.

This is one of the problems with Government work schemes and the job centre. It only cares about getting you into work. It doesn’t care about your ambitions or your skills. It cares that you are paying your National Insurance and your income tax and that the work figures go down.

How you create your ideal job so you don’t have to become someone else’s lacky whilst you complete your master plan of world domination is not easy to answer. I guess setting up your own business is one option, but that still doesn’t guarantee you a regular pay cheque.

If time is on your side and you’re not yet panicking like me about how you’re going to cram said world doimination into your remaining work years, you’ll take some comfort in this article from Hello Magazine. But don’t relax too soon. Your twenties fly by. Your thirties? I barely remember most of them.

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