# 19 (2014) Shameless Plug – I Wrote A Book

Back in my late teens I discovered I had a famous ancestor, a Venetian gondolier by the name of Giovanni Battista Falcieri. He looked a bit like Brian Blessed.

As I researched his life (genealogy was my thing back then) I discovered an incredible life story which had never been told in full. It included some of our most famous names from literary history – Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, Leigh Hunt, Isaac D’Israeli, Benjamin Disraeli. These were seriously famous people in their day.

I’d always been a keen writer and an enthusiastic historical researcher so putting it into book form wasn’t difficult. It was enormous fun. I got to go to Venice, work in places like the National Archives and the British Library and touch original documents from over a hundred years ago which had been there with my ancestor. But it took years to piece it all together.

And then came the realisation that no major publisher was going to pick it up. Somewhere I still have the rejection letters to prove it. I lost heart quite quickly but knew I had something that was mine and unique.

Over a number of years and with some additional sporadic but very useful research, I completed my story – a book no less. And then I found a UK publisher Bretwalda Books. Since last summer we’ve been working on turning it into a sell-able product. Proofs, rewrites, research clarifications and finally publication.

‘A Most Faithful Attendent – The Life of Giovanni Battista Falcieri’  has begun life as an ebook on Amazon but if things go well, I could see it turned into an actual book. Here’s a link if you want to buy a copy. And here’s a picture of the man it’s about. I think he’s pretty awesome. Don’t you?

Giovanni Battista Falcieri by Daniel Maclise 1836 (source)

Giovanni Battista Falcieri by Daniel Maclise 1836 (source)


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