# 20 (2014) Famous, Rich and Slightly Hungry

I’m a sucker for human interest stories. Especially ones about UK lifestyles. The latest is Rich, Famous and Hungry. Four privileged over indulgent celebs are put into four ‘average’ UK families to see how they live.

Whilst I watch these programmes with great interest, in the back of my mind I am always skeptical about how they have come about, what went on when the cameras weren’t switched on and what footage got left on the cutting room floor for the sake of viewing figures.

These guys are only doing it for 3 days and were given about £3 each for three days as their food budget. That’s about £1.16 a day. That’s about what I live on,  but I don’t think of myself as suffering food poverty. Because 2 meals a day and living on value food is not poverty to me. That’s life and I don’t go hungry. But I’m not trying to feed 3 kids with it.

But when you get celebs who are used to snuffling their way through hundreds of pounds worth of food a week or think nothing of spending a grand on a night out – to me that is not living comfortably or ‘not in poverty’. That, to me, is disgraceful self indulgence on an unacceptable scale. Hopefully they will bring  some measure to the less than fortunate families they have been lodging with. Theo Paphitis may be able to bring his business head to managing household bills and debt and if he can improve things for the long term, that’s a great thing.

That there are people who’s money runs through their fingers like water whilst there are average families living on £1.16 a day irks me. But I realise the class divide is a powerful motivator that is never going to go away. If I had a decent income, I wouldn’t have a spending spree, I’d be putting it away because you never know when things are going to change.

Of course, post programme, these celebs will go back to the way things were, maybe not immediately, but over time. Just as the families they leave behind will continue to live the lives they lead. Everyone is prostrated for our entertainment. That’s television but these people’s lives and the reasons they are where they are, run far deeper than 2 episodes on BBC One.

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