# 23 (2014) Advice

Always keep spare change in your car.

Speak your mind. Keeping silent is more damaging than people knowing where they stand.

No matter how bad it feels now, it will pass and at some point you won’t quite be able to remember how bad you felt.

If in doubt, double check.

Don’t leave anything open to interpretation.

Keep three months wages safe in the bank at all times.

You are number one. Never be made to feel like you are at the bottom of the pile. If someone makes you feel like that, ditch their sorry asses.

Never be afraid to admit you were wrong or made a mistake. Learning from it is the bigger thing.

Use spreadsheets.

Know your bank balance.

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All you need to know about me is on my posts. Right now, things are quiet. I'm trying to get back into blogging. Time - where is all the time!!!!

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