# 24 (2014) Space

The problem with being a live alone, home business, start up entrepreneur is finding somewhere to live. Those of us who can’t afford our own properties are crushed into fit to burst houseshares so that landlords can feather their nests and home owners can pay their spiralling mortgage costs. Finding a room big enough to fit a double bed, let alone work from, is a challenge.

Many of you might be thinking ‘well go out and get a proper job and then you could afford something bigger’. This may be true but having a ‘proper job’ is why I am now stuck here in my early forties desperately trying to do something more constructive with my life.

Because for all the money I made working in offices, my life wasn’t one long piss up strung together by a bunch of paychecks. I wanted to be remembered for something more than being a payroll number. I never wanted kids, or to get married. I wanted a business of my own, to be something more than just a worker in the hive.

I know that for a lot of people anything that pays the bills is enough, and that’s certainly true when you’re in your twenties and all you want is your own income. But when you hit your thirties, if you have any hint of individuality and expectation in your life, you start to wonder what it’s all about.

By then you are set in your ways and your spending habits and breaking the routine is difficult and scary though possible. But you pay a price. And it takes longer to get back up to where you were before, which is where I am now.

Whilst everything else slowly seems to be falling into place, space to work is a whole other issue that needs sorting. And in a town obsessed with houseshares and student accommodation, this isn’t an easy thing to solve.


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