# 25 (2014) My First World Problem

Urban Dictionary describes ‘First World Problems’ as:

Problems from living in a wealthy, industrialized nation that

third worlders would probably roll their eyes at.

First world problems are the stuff of jokes. Of problems that aren’t really problems but minor inconveniences to people who have too much time on their hands. The things that the ‘rich’ apparently get wound up about are often petty are self gratuitous.

I live in the first world. My family history would describe me as middle class, although I currently identify as working class by my lifestyle and income. I’m planning to move house again, and as I always do, I am re-evaluating my finances. This is my OCD. And as I’ll be shopping for one I am reviewing my monthly food bill.

I go to one place to buy the contents of my fridge / freezer / cupboards. Over the last few years I have successfully managed to beat into submission any weakness to impulse buy or purchase anything that goes over and above the budget. And since I started at Uni in 2009 I have been spending £35 on my food bill every month.

Somehow that figure has remained the same despite the recession and continuing price hikes and drops. The fact that my pre-student body remains the same I put entirely down to the fact that my job involves very little exercise. Because eating this every month should be doing me some harm and in years to come, it probably will.

My shopping list

My shopping list

You may not be able to see all this list. If you are observant you will notice certain things.

No prepacked meals

No eggs (I have hens for that)

Many carbs – cheap and slow burn

No fruit – fruit is a luxury

No booze

No snack food

This is how I make £35 last a month whilst providing potentially three meals a day. I bake my own bread, all dishes are made from scratch and eggs, another luxury, come from the hens I keep which means costly foods like cakes, omlettes and quiche are not off the menu.

The point I am making is that some first world problems can also be third world problems. Not in the same way obviously, but there are millions of families in the first world who can’t afford to eat every day, or heat their homes like a lot of third world inhabitants.

I am stretching myself to certain limits but I know there are worse off than me. It’s all relative to the place you live.

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