# 27 (2014) No Room At The Inn

It’s been two months and I am still trying to find somewhere to live. The problem is, if your income is unpredictable or limited you may be restricted to house shares. And finding enough space to function in this environment is difficult. In fact, you might go mad.

I’ll be honest, I hate living with random strangers. You know nothing about the people you end up thrown together with and they may turn out to be nutters. I don’t have much luck with houseshares, this is a known fact.

Living of this kind is the domain of people with no possessions, no furniture and who are happy to sleep in a bed that’s been occupied by who knows. It’s my last resort but it’s also potentially a roof over my head.

Space is at a premium wherever you go and private renting is too expensive. Bedsits, worse than house shares space wise and far more depressing, are very costly. And who wants their cooker next to their bed anyway?

Thanks to ‘buy to let’ and landlords who have turned renting out houses into a profitable business, we’re crammed into tiny bedrooms like battery hens, desperate for something we can afford on crippling part time and zero hours contracts wages.

For me, finding somewhere big enough to sleep and work without me going completely crazy is a challenge. Finding a room as it is, isn’t actually that hard. But if the sacrifice is me giving up my business then I’m going to find myself without a home or without an income.

And it sucks.

What I have to do, is get on with making more money because my only option now is to earn enough to get a place of my own. And time is running out.

Speechless (source)

Bedsit hell…. (source)


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