# 28 (2014) Just Desserts

Every so often I am thankfully reminded that I am not the only one struggling to follow their dream. I am also reminded that good stuff is often followed by bad stuff and that not all good things come to those who wait.

I once knew someone (briefly thankfully) who thought that every time he did something for someone else he deserved to get something back. It was a floored theory because his life was a miserably hollow existence.

Hearing that others that are in similar positions to me and that I’m not the only one pondering on the whole point of human existence, is comforting. It’s easy to forget when you work alone and without the regular and vast contact of others in similar positions, that we are all pretty much in the same boat.

Real success stories, no matter how many of them we may think we know (and are artifically bigged up thanks to social media) are few and far between and often marred with failures until quite late in the day.

Continually striving for success is not always rewarded. History will tell you that. And as modern statistics remind us, we need to allow 3 to 5 years before realising it was all worth it.

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