# 29 (2014) A Sense Of Purpose

According to recent studies having a sense of purpose could extend your life. I hadn’t planned on living that long.

Sense of purpose, as far as I can remember, began for me when I was about 12 when I started writing books and plays. Then I decided I wanted to be a costume designer (not instead of writing but as well as). When I was 18 I began to research the book which I finally had published earlier this year. Never ever give up on a dream.

At this point in my life both those ‘purposes’ are now coming to fruition. I cannot imagine not having a purpose in life. I don’t even like to think where I would be now had I not had the interests and the drive to succeed that still empowers me today.

I simply do not understand people who have no direction or desire to do something with their life because it’s always been a part of my life. Even if it’s your 9-5 day job, it needs to be a 9-5 that you want rather than something that you do purely to earn enough to pay your bills. Because that isn’t purpose, that’s just getting by.

Being my own boss, calling my own shots, setting my own goals, is key to my existence. Without it, I have no idea where I would be now.

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