# 30 (2014) Women, Wine And Memes

If you believed everything a meme told you, women would be impossible to reason with, psychotic when they didn’t get their own way and drunk. Herein lies another bunch of cliches.


Memes have been around for ages and most of them play on some very cheesy old traditional stereotypes. They plague my newsfeed like an annoying mosquito and no amount of bug spray will remove them.



As someone who is generally laid back despite the challenges that get thrown in my general direction, and doesn’t need alcohol to prop up my life or give me the confidence I am apparently lacking, I find these memes hard to relate to. In fact, I find them more than a little bit insulting.



It’s an easy conversion from generic Someecards to posting an embarassing picture of your unconsciously drunk friend with a few words thrown on it. Hey, it’s a meme!


That’s not to say I’m perfect. But I’ve learnt my lesson, discovered who I am and just don’t need it anymore. And wine most definitely falls into that category.


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