# 32 (2014) Technology I Hate

My love of technology is marred only by its self centred usage and how much it de-sensitises us to our surroundings.

Social media has given rise to some worrying behaviour in us. Selfies – our all consuming passion with our own self image, and the media’s ability to keep us perpetually dissatisfied with ourselves. No matter where we are or what we are doing there is always time for a selfie because we just don’t have enough friends to take pictures of us. We have an unquenchable desire for the perfect image. If it is the one we see on tv, we will never find it. It seems we have lost all sense of reality.  And for what?

Put it down and enjoy the frigging holiday.

Put it down and enjoy the frigging holiday.

Mobile phones – no matter how amazing the event we are at, we would rather watch it through a 6.5in screen than through our own eyes, with our own memories. That a sterilised view of what we are witnessing is somehow better than the real thing.

Two cases in point:

Whilst on holiday this week in Barcelona we visited L’Aquarium de Barcelona. And there we were, just 6 inches of glass between us and shoals of Grouper, Black Tipped Reef Sharks and Sunfish. An incredible experience. And yet all around us were people living the whole experience through the back of their phone or taking out of focus images on their cameras. They are images that will probably be put on Facebook and instantly forgotten. Flat, lifeless and nothing like the real thing.

Likewise, our main reason for being in Barcelona was Primavera Sound 2014, a three day music festival. And I was CONSTANTLY bemused by the number of revellers who missed whole chunks of some fantastic live performances in their desire for the perfect still shot, none of which was captured thanks to the over exposure of the images. You know, dark, stage lighting, movement, shitty i-phone capability.



And others recorded whole chunks of live action on video cameras. Even more, struggling to catch that perfect Facebook cover photo, ended up photographing the action as it appeared on the big screens that accompanied each of the stages. Too many times all I could see in front of me was a collection of screens. Other people spent whole sets checking their Facebook newsfeed. I mean, WHY ARE YOU HERE?????

Have we become so attached to these shallow parallels of life that we can’t put them down for one minute? They were present everywhere, from gigs to restaurants, the most unsociable action in a social setting. Why are your text messages more interesting than the person in front of you???

I thoroughly enjoyed a week with no phone, no Facebook, no Twitter, no texts and was loathe to switch the damn things back on when I got home. And the more I own these gadgets, the less I like them.


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