# 34 (2014) Back We Go

On Tuesday I packed up the stuff I had moved into my new house share just the week before and carted it 20 miles south back to my previous house. Now, most of my belongings are flat packed and stuffed into bin liners in a garden shed as I work out where I am supposed to go next.  This was one of the worst moving mistakes I have ever made and I’m glad I got out before I had properly moved in. I didn’t even spend a night there.

It does amaze me what some landlords (live in and out) consider acceptable living conditions for new tenants. From houses stacked high with useless clutter (we call them hoarders) to damp, unsanitary bathrooms and gardens that look like a council tip, I have seen a share of it all. And I’ve only viewed four properties.

As a compromise, to find somewhere of a decent standard, I am probably going to have to stop working from home and probably have to rehome my hens too.  It’s a sad realisation.

Having lived in my fair share of managed houses, I refuse to compromise on basics anymore. If I’m going to be paying you (ie you have decided that being a landlord was an easy way to make a living) remember that it does mean you have to look after the property and its inhabitants.

Whether landlords are live in or out, both come with problems. Just because they are one of the tenants looking to rent their spare room it does not mean they necessarily live in pleasant surroundings. And I have been truly shocked by some of the disgusting places people have called home.

I am no clean freak,, but seriously…..

The worst ones are usually old 19th century houses which haven’t been properly rennovated and are riddled with damp. My best living experiences have been in houses less than 50 years old. At viewings I don’t get excited anymore, I just get nervous.

Lincoln is full of houseshares run by landlords as a business. And it shows. It is possible to get tenants who care for the properites they live in and cutting corners just attracts bad tenants.

The first test I use on any prospective house is whether they want me to take off my shoes when I arrive. If not, you may be in for a disappointing experience. It’s a fail safe test. And so far no one has asked me to take my shoes off.


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