# 36 (2014) The Difference Between Happiness And Success

I’m pretty sure I have been groomed for success, or at least the prospect of it. I think I was conditioned as a child to want things differently. That’s the only explanation I have for my ridiculous sense of the world and my chasing something that doesn’t fulfil me.

Success isn’t the same as being happy. I have never matched the two up anyway. But I don’t think if I ever reached that end goal (whatever it is) that I would be any happier than I am now. Because success is nothing on its own. If you’re not happy, what does success even mean?

Enough money might stop you worrying about bills, being your own boss might give you freedom, but that isn’t happiness.That’s just the 7 – 8 hours that most people spend every day doing the job that pays the bills. I’m beginning to realise that it’s what happens outside those hours that really counts.

I don’t know how to define happiness. Driven by work and wanting to ‘be something’ since I was young I don’t know how to do the other stuff anymore. I’ve been chasing a dream with no end point – no finality – no substance to it that allows me the time to do the fun stuff after hours.

Three years as a student on limited income killed my social life. Since then, starting and running a business has continued to keep it at bay just long enough for me to lose the will to want it. University at least gave me an outlet, social context and provided a break from routine. These days, as a sole proprietor, I don’t like my life very much and it’s time things changed, to find things that aren’t work that will give me that buzz I haven’t felt in years.


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