# 37 (2014) Two Wheels Are Better Than Four – Sometimes

I am back in the city. And that means my bicycle has come out of storage. But us cyclists face a myriad of problems.

It’s an offence to cycle on the pavement. Not many people seem to realise this, but it’s true. In Lincoln there are a lot of bikes and some cycle lanes. Except they are full of parked cars and pedestrians. Is it an offence to walk on  the cycle lane?

Cycling on the road is the preferred method, but it irritates the hell out of some drivers and others are simply oblivious of our existence. And it’s not just the moving vehicles you need to watch for. Parked cars with doors that suddenly open as you’re riding past are a real danger. At best you get to stop in time, at worst you are flung under the wheels of a passing car. Not good. And then there is the shocking condition of our roads which sometimes feels like riding across a minefield.

Additionally pedestrians don’t see you either. They walk out into roads in front of you and suddenly appear from between parked cars.  I’ve heard all sorts of abuse hurled at cyclists for using pavements, roads and cycle lanes. it’s a no win situation.

The best I can do is wear a cycle helmet, obey traffic lights, leave the headphones at home, and be incredibly alert and try to predict what others are doing on the road.

Scary stuff….

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