# 39 (2014) I Will Never Pay Off My Student Loan, And That’s Okay With Me

Any Government that sets up a system to be abused (in the legal sense) deserves all the backlash it gets. The student loan system is one of those genius ideas which has set everyone (apart from the students) up for certain failure.

In the two years since I left Uni I have accrued just over £400 worth of interest on about £17,000 worth of handouts. I know this because I think this is the first time in about 18 months I’ve remembered to check my online statement.

Going from studentdom to sole proprieter not much has changed income wise. Whilst my gross income is survivable, by the time I’ve claimed my business expenses and mileage costs I’m profiting less than half of what I need to hit the tax bracket. I know I’m not alone and it doesn’t bother me that I’m enjoying a relatively tax free haven. 

Not that I think I’m owed anything by the system of course. Since I first went out to work at 18 I have only claimed job seekers for 6 months and have for the most of it enjoyed a comfortable income employed full time doing useful things. Except for my 3 years at Uni.

I would be overjoyed if I was in a financial position which allowed me to pay it off but I don’t. And I have more important things to worry about than handing back my hard earned cash to the Government so that someone else can take advantage of our system thanks to their terrible decisions.


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