# 41 (2014) Just A Tourist

Humans Of New York recently quoted a chap they photographed thus:

‘What’s your largest remaining goal in life?’

His response: ‘I’m just a tourist in this world. I’m not trying to affect anything.’

I never wanted to be a tourist. I wanted to be something. It’s been in me all my life and I don’t know where it comes from. But recently I’ve become very tired of chasing the dream. I don’t even know what that dream is anymore because I’m kind of doing it and it doesn’t make me happy. Right now I’m not even convinced changing the set up would boost my enthusiasm.

So I’m beginning to wonder if not chasing after something wil make me a better and happier person. It sounds quite radical and it’s left me stumped. I never wanted to get married or have kids so I don’t have those things as an excuse to fall back on. Whatever I do it has to be for me. Thankfully I am not in a rare position. They even write articles about it.

But I have to confess to being rather jealous of the tourist, of someone who is content not to affect the world or want to leave their mark. Maybe I’ll rescue battery hens or orangutans in the rainforest. Who knows. Let’s just hope I have the balls to give it a go.


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