# 42 (2014) This Is My Happy Face

I took a selfie the other day. I really hate selfies because I can take 30 pictures and hate myself just a little bit more in each one. My current level of self loathing is teetering around about the 70% mark but this is better than a few weeks ago. That being said I have always been critical of pictures of myself although I do have a few I’m really pleased with.

Selfies may be the mark of someone who is proud of themselves – an extrovert with a lot to say. More often it seems to be the mark of someone who has many insecurities. I don’t think I fit into either of these categories. I just don’t see the point in multiple self images taken in a bathroom mirror.

I took this one purely because I messed about with my hair colour and I needed some way of demonstrating it because I was pleased with it. Not only do I now have short hair (you have no idea what an accomplishment that is) but I also changed its colour. And now my hair is the one thing about me I really really like. We all have to start somewhere. So here I am.

I was told off for looking so serious in this photo. I’ll take a few more on better days and see how they turn out. But don’t hold your breath. It’s going to be a learning curve. 😉

See this face? Meh.

See this face? Meh.

Maybe I should have used this one.



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One response to “# 42 (2014) This Is My Happy Face”

  1. Eric Schlehlein says :

    You’re beautiful, inside and out!

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